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We want to learn from your experiences supporting and/or studying children around the world.

Help us understand how children around the globe use and display executive functions by responding to a 30-minute survey about children’s experiences and behaviors in a community/culture you know well.

I want to assess children's EF skills

We provide guidelines on how to: (1) select EF tasks; (2) set task parameters; (3) translate and culturally adapt EF tasks and procedures; (4) train, certify, and supervise assessors; (5) select relevant study design; (6) pilot EF tasks and evaluate pilot data; (7) process data and create composites; and (8) analyze, interpret, and report collected data.

I need an adult survey of children's EF behaviors

We have developed parent, teacher, and assessor surveys of behaviors that reflect the application of EF skills in everyday settings. Surveys consist of universal items that will be adapted for different contexts by adding culturally-relevant markers of EF-related behaviors and culturally-relevant examples of tasks and situations that require use of EF skills. We are currently piloting these measures and will publicly share the items and assessment materials in mid-2024. Please contact us if you are interested in these surveys. 

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