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Global Executive Function Initiative 

Mission: To foster greater research capacity to assess, study, and promote executive functions (EF) skills and behaviors in children ages 3-12 around the globe, and especially in low-resource settings.

The GEFI Founding Members

The Global Executive Function Initiative was formed by 14 international scholars who are experts in designing, adapting, and implementing EF assessments and have experience studying EFs and related behaviors in many countries, including Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Haiti, Iran, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Zambia. 

We are working to compile our shared knowledge and experience conducting direct assessments to offer recommendations that will help others assess EFs in ways that are scientifically rigorous, developmentally and culturally appropriate, and, when possible, aligned across contexts.

Photo: Top row (from left to right): Dr. Matthew Jukes, Dr. Nikhit D’SaDr. Sharon Wolf, Dr. Jelena Obradović (Lead), Dr. Lucia Alcala, Dr. Dana Miller-Cotto, Dr. Catherine Draper, and Dr. Sebastián Lipina. Bottom row (from left to right): Ishita Ahmed, Dr. Sara BakerDr. Steven HowardDr. Mike Willoughby. Not pictured: Dr. Dana McCoy and Dr. Lisa Thorell.

As we secure more resources for this initiative, we hope to organize events that can expand participation in our efforts. If you want to receive updates on events and opportunities, please share your contact info here.


A collaborative network of researchers around the world who share their expertise, research tools, and lessons learned to advance knowledge of how executive functions develop to support children’s learning across different contexts and to develop evidence-based programs and policies to support development and application of EF skills.  

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